Homework and Starbucks Marathon!

Monday, March 24, 2008

Not exactly a marathon.

But we're just chilling out yesterday to what we like la!!

We went to Raffles place and that's the moment when all our memories came back..
Let it be our history project, national day, new year eve..............

Though I give no fuck about national day.

Anyway, I went to MacDonalds to get a cheese burger before heading to Starbucks with Thadsha to grab a seat to do our homework.

There was this angmoh little toddler who looked soooooooooooooo CUTE!!!!!!

Her eyes are totally perfect and her blonde hair is like... ahhhh.
Sometimes I wish I was an angmoh.

Anyway, Thadsha nehneh ordered the new flavour: White Chocolate and it tasted as good as Caramel Frappucino!!!!!

SEEEEEEE. I was really doing my homework. Trying to figure out how to do the shitified maths question.

And when I do finish my homework....................


And introducing this pair of shades that belongs to Gladys and it's called.. GN!

After that, we walked along Singapore river to go to the nearby hotel's toilet because the toilet is GODDAMN BEAUTIFUL!

Can't bear to leave Thadsha's Starbucks drink.....So I help her drink :)

This is beautiful oh yes I know.

We always walk past these bushes soooo..... lalala~

When we entered the hotel, there were so many angmohs around with their beautiful children!!!
(Makes me feel like having one too hehehe)

Ahem, well anyway, everyone looked so elegant and as usual, those angmohs' breasts were all over their top so it's kinda normal.

I think the guy in blue looks a bit like Brad Pitt but I don't think Brad Pitt will do something
like playing with the fishes and letting them
to suck his thumb.

Oh and do you see a very elegant and high class girl standing at the staircase too? :)

And.......... the toilet:

She wanted me to edit her face away.. so I painted over her lips and nose using my lipstick brush :P

Crossed the 'london' bridge.....

And we stopped here (picture shown below) and just couldn't stop taking pictures!!

And then, we were asking each other why there're so many foreigners nowadays.

Bangalas, china people, phillipino maids and more.

The maids just can't stop talking and most of the singaporeans looked quite frustrated. (INCLUDING ME)

And the bangalas were staring at low cut shirts worn by the locals and china people were just hanging out around with their fake adidas embroidered on their pants.
(It wasn't adidas. It was akidas)

Mrt's stinking nowadays so.............. GO OUT LESS OKAY!

And anyway Mas Selamat's still out there so who knows?
He might just bomb one of the schools in Singapore. (Hopefully PRCS... JUST JOKING)



It is the most amazing drink and the tastiest and able to quench your thirst in 0.01 millisecond SO TRY RHINO TWOHORNS WHEN IT IS OUT IN SINGAPORE! (Which is pretty soon I think)

Wondering why I am advertising this drink?
1) My uncle's company.
2) it works a lot better than other energy drink.
The benefits are:
  • Provide stamina and increase endurance during strenuous activity
  • Helps you recover after an active day
  • All natural formula
  • Caffeine free
  • Non carbonated
  • No artificial sweetness/flavours/colours
  • No refined sugar

And he's already sent me 3 boxes of it and I feel more energized after a whole day of school when I drink it!
You gotta try it!!!!!!!

The drinks are already available in Australia and Malaysia.

There're CURRENTLY 3 flavours at the moment:
Blackcurrant(Well, THAT'S MY FAVOURITE), Lime(That's my cousins and brother's favourite), Orange(My relatives' favourite)

So here's how it looks like................ :
(For the can version)

That's black currant for your information :)

There're also bottled ones, so you can bring it anywhere conveniently!

Well, that was my last can of Rhino TwoHorns so.....
I will need to write a letter to my uncle to beg him for more...............


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