I know a trick worth two of that.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

I slept at 4am THIS MORNING and yeah, the aftermath is terrible - a freaking bad sore throat and a headache.

I spent the entire 2 hours to edit the photos below because I'd just learned some photoshop tricks again last night!

I think the photos are like so mad pretty la!!

Anyway, the photos are from wednesday's karaoke session with mojoejoejoe, HAHA!
We were sitting on the grass patch in front of the D'Tent and camwhoring :P

She called the grass "cai" (vegetables)

Another photo I edited like mad last night was this:

And it can be found here in my deviantart's portfolio :)
Totally love it!

Today, I shall commit myself to 1 hour of studying! HAHA. I don't even think I can study for 30 minutes, let alone 1 hour :S

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