Our Off-Day: Lunch @ PS.Cafe, Harding Road

Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Basically, baby and I wanted to meet about 11am yesterday since it's our OFF day, whereby I have no school and he doesn't have work :)

 But somehow he went to fishing the night before so the plan was kinda postponed to 1pm instead.

Anyway we wanted to have brunch for a very long time!!!!!!
It's been so long since I last had a proper brunch (except for eating those for staff meal at BBC when I was still working then) so yesterday meant quite a lot to me!

 We went to Dempsey Hill in search of a good brunch cafe/restaurant, however most of their brunches were in the morning, so we walked further down and settled down on PS.Cafe, with their super pretty scenic view facing the forest.

The interior design itself was very cosy and inviting, and immediately we felt at ease. It was such a pretty cafe!
The price itself wasn't very pretty but still, I guess their ambience is enough.

Looked through the menu and Baby decided to have Croque Monsieur, whereas I had Maple Roasted Pork sandwich! The food sounded too tempting :)

My handsome brunch date 

With his croque monsieur 

Look at how huge his croque monsieur is!

Myself with my Maple Roasted Pork Sandwich and Portobello Mushroom soup!

Yea, the portion is pretty huge too..

Was busy snapping away.. The ambience is just too pretty!

Love the font of PS cafe, and the flower~

Dear enjoying his Croque Monsieur :)

Our Verdict: We thought the Croque Monsieur ($24) was really good! The gratinéed montreux gruyere cheese on rustic bread was just the perfect combination. Super delicious! However, for the Maple Roasted Pork Sandwich ($24), it was just okay, because the Multi Grain bread was a little hard and soggy. But the combination of caramelized apple and the maple roasted pork was really tasty! The Portobello Mushroom soup was a little bland and not very smooth..

We also ordered drinks, Crushed Mint Lime Soda for himself and Peach & Lychee Fiz for myself. The drinks was really quite nice :)

Dear outside PS Cafe!

& Myself.

Overall, it has been quite a nice experience here.. Am wanting to come back for desserts!

Plus the scenic view is to die for.

After lunch, we were so full so we drove up to Tanglin area, and walked around the shophouses they have. They're so pretty yet traditional at the same time. Most of them were selling furnitures, clothes, paintings etc.

This Lotto Carpets shop has their own parrots gallery.. And it's super huge and noisy! Hahaha.

The lonely parrot.

Walked around to view the Lotto Carpet Gallery :)

And yes, they have like thousands of carpets for sale. All handicrafted by them.

After that, went to Bugis and bought my Hello Kitty matte screen protector! :)
Now it's so pretty!!!!!

Walked around Bugis and we decided to eat R&B by MOF. It's a new shop around the corner of Bugis Street, and it's by MOF so we decided to try it :)

And while waiting for our food.....
Camwhore time!

Oh look @ my bf's double chin, hahaha!


So he ordered a beef don and boy, we were in for a huge surprise! The beef don definitely took us by surprise because it was really good. And it's really cheap compared to most shops. With NO GST/Service charge!!

I ordered Ramen with Tonkotsu soup, and it's surprisingly good too! And it's only $8.80 nett? The soup was just nice, and the taste was really nice together with the cha shu!

Had a satisfying dinner and after that, headed to ECP jetty since it's our usual dating place and headed home afterwards.

Had the best date with my dear! :) Am looking forward to more Tuesday dates!

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