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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I dread coming home now.

I can't even play SDO anymore :(

SDO-X ver5.01 has upgraded to SDO Season 2, which has added 7 new modes, including the stupid audition one. (pressing the arrow and space which is damn lame -_-)

I still prefer the old SDO-X, which only includes 3 modes - Normal mode (I love this the most), Reverse mode, River mode.

And yesterday was their stupid open beta, and I can't even play SDO-X anymore.....

Fucking GM just go and die hope your balls rot.

Life is goddamn meaningless without the old SDO-X..
Haiz, I spend a bloody amount of money on SDO-X, and I WANT THE OLD SDO BACK LA.

I wonder if my friends are playing the new Season 2 :(

I'll play....... but not now, yet.
Waiting for the CD Client to be sent to my house first, then maybe play a few rounds to see how it is.


Anyway, today grooming camp is kinda fun.

I love the role-playing the most!

Our storyline:
I got to play a japanese occupation soldier who raped a POW(Terence) and then 'she' got pregnant. 'She' became emotional and asked 'her' boyfriend (Faisal) to rape me back. And he seek forgiveness from Virgin Mary(Charmaine). Then 9 months later, he gave birth to a baby boy. (TingXuan) Delivered by Doctor Ng. (Jeslyn)



My favourite Chinese New Year snack of all time:

And here are some label tags that Weimin helped us print yesterday during CCA :D

And I hate my chinese name.

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