Chinese New Year Spring Clean

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Walao, fuck la.

You know I hate spring cleaning so much.
It involves so much of my energy!!!!!!

And there, my father keeps nagging at me to get my desk cleaned up. I can't take it anymore. He gave me only 5 minutes to shut down the computer and I have to tidy up my desk. (Which is impossible)

Oh ya, I'm so happy!!!!!!!

My aunt sent me a Hair Curler! It can do up to 10 types of hair styles, like big curls, waves, ringlets, zigzag, tight curls etc~

It can even straighten the hair!

I will blog about it with photos! Hehe, it's damn useful man. Especially outings with my girlfriends :D
Thank you aunt!!!!!!!

Alright, 5 minutes over.
Let hell begin.

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