I'm touched

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Hello people, I'm really touched okay!!!!!!

Thank you for showing concern.... I really appreciate that a lot.

Finally, I know what's bothering me so much.

It's not that he's got another girl in his life.. (Okay, that kinda hurts me)

It's because I know that we're already impossible.
We've been together for a month and I thought we'd actually lasted forever.
(We'd try)

But now that I know you've gone back to your ex-girlfriend..........

Knowing you, you'll probably stick with her for some time and quarrel with her again.

No matter how much I love you, I know it's impossible to accept you back into my life, because for sure, I know that you'll go back to some whore again..

THAT's the reason why I'm upset ba.

I spoke to my tuition teacher..

But of course, I did not say it was me.
I told her it was my friend and what would she do..

"I'm sure your friend will do badly for this semester.. but in a few days' time, I'm sure she'll be alright. That guy doesn't sound very good but I've got a feeling that he'll come back to her soon, WHICH........ is a bad thing."

Okay, she's pretty experienced so I have no comment on that.

I think she know that 'friend' is me.

Nevermind, today I went DTE with Thadsha, Jiale, ChingHsia, Yan mae and Gina to the foodcourt and we ate over there.

I didn't eat.

I didn't eat BECAUSE I wanted to go home and eat.
Not because I'm depressed.


Went to Cheers with Thadsha and I bought a nice looking chocolate snack!!!!!!!
Plus that Fruit tree apple juice with aloe vera.


But I lost track of time and ended up going home at 3.40pm when my tuition was starting at 3.30pm!!!!!!

Nevermind, my tuition teacher's understanding :)

Anyway, I'm feeling better.
A lot a lot better compared to 28 April 2008.

I LOVE ALL MY FRIENDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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